Wikipedia is now even more integral to Google search results with the removal of right side ads, and takes up more space on branded search results. Since anyone can edit Wikipedia at any time, we make sure that your reputation is upheld and thriving.



NY Times Best-Selling Author has Wikipedia Page Deleted

Even NY Times best-selling authors aren’t immune to the occasionally trigger-happy Wikipedia community. Not having a Wikipedia page is both detrimental to your SEO and Google results, but more important for this author, it is also the way to gain legitimacy and status on the internet. If you don’t have a Wikipedia page, you aren’t even seen. This was especially important as he had a new book coming out that was likely to be searched for on the internet for more information prior to someone purchasing the book.

The Mather Group carefully rewrote his page and coded it in the special wiki language. We republished it, and when we did so added citations to it and linked from other articles that mentioned the author back to the main page. This made the Wiki page stronger as it wasn’t an “orphan” any longer. Most importantly we continued to defend it from being deleted as we monitored it.

The author now has a fully-functional and stable Wikipedia page which has given him more shelf space on Google. The Mather Group continues to monitor his page to make sure that it is up-to-date, relevant and accurate.