Our people are the best

We might be biased, but we think our team of people represents the best of people. They embody our core values and always work to get the best results for our clients and each other. Learn a little more about each of us.

VP, Client Success

A full-time efficiency seeker, until good food is involved, in which case she will hike a mountain for an amazing meal.

Rachel Hung

VP of Partnerships

An outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, and sports fan, who is always up for a good meal and drink.

Steve Hung

Accounts Receivable

Lover of laughing, KC Chiefs, dogs, family, friends, and good times boating in the sunshine!

Becky Irvine

Content Writer

A wonder-finder, in love with big dogs, books, cinnamon rolls, peaches, and vacations that aren't complete until you get lost.

Kimberly Kisner

Senior Digital Marketing Account Manager

An all-sports player + watcher, video game fan, who loves spending time with his morkipoo pup, Franklin.

Ryan Adams

SEO Specialist

Nature-loving forager, foodie, adventurer, husband to master gardener, father of two humans + two little barky dogs + one cat (who thinks she’s a dog), mystery seeking yogi, quintessential guitar geek, and singer songwriter.

Luke Cerny

Research Assistant

Runner and cycler who thinks life is beautiful and Sunday family days are the best.

Mark Caballero

Marketing & Business Development Coordinator

An astrology, yoga and book lover, who can't wait for the day that she lives on her sailboat full-time, seeing the world from the water.

Olivia Yeakle

Operations Manager

A recovering over-thinker who finds joy in French toast on the weekend and the summer sounds of loons from a canoe on a secluded lake.

Rachael LeBert

Senior Digital Marketing Account Manager

Outdoor seeker, happiest when accompanied by animals or creating art.

Katie Stone

Research Assistant

A pet parent, wife, and savory snacker who loves making pretty-looking cakes & edible art.

Doreen Farrales

Research Assistant

A mom, bookworm, and hermit who loves cooking and growing food.

Kaye Garcia

Senior Digital Marketing Account Manager

Writer, podcaster, and resident LOST series finale defender.

Randy Dankievitch

Senior Digital Marketing Account Manager

A force of positivity, who will always say yes if the question involves reading, writing, cycling, or animals.

Tracy Clayman

Growth Operations Manager

Avid pickleball goer, cheeseburger afficionado, and lover of all things fashion.

Talia Fickel

Reporting Coordinator

Engineer, wanderlust, book lover, tech-enthusiast and badminton is life.

Nicasio Mendija

Digital Marketing Account Manager

A reality TV binging, 49ers cheering, brunch-loving, peloton riding, 90s hip-hop listening, good energy bringer, raising a teenage boy and married to the love of her life.

Michelle Olivas

Digital Marketing Account Manager

Lover of sports, fun, good food, family, and friends, and who is not the inspiration behind the song "Valerie".

Valerie Fioramonti

Digital Marketing Account Manager

Firm believer that all that is needed for a great life is laughter, good food, love, and a miniature dachsund.

Katie O'Keefe

Wikipedia Specialist

Avid reader, baseball fan, and lover of all things The Office.

Madison Moore

Digital Marketing Account Manager

A true Disney adult, animal lover, avid movie watcher, and nature enthusiast.

Gabrielle Bar

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