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How we're different

We want people who want to build relationships, with us and with our clients. We connect with independent thinkers and internally motivated people who will naturally and intentionally contribute to the culture we have created. We are looking for people who value remote work and who are excited to work autonomously, knowing they always have the backup support of a team.

We know what we’re good at and that’s what we build our strategies around. No bluster, no bluffing, and no fake personas. We’re bringing back service with a smile because we like who we are and we like what we do.

We’re big believers in “Full speed ahead!” but only after we’ve looked left, right, up, down, and behind us – just for good measure. We keep ourselves organized and proactive so we can bring solutions, not problems.

*all team members and pets got a vote

We take our clients’ goals seriously and that means we figure out how to achieve results, no matter what the circumstances may be. Our team is full of critical and creative thinkers, giving us the best of both worlds.

We track results and objectives, not hours. Our mission is to deliver great ROI. (Wondering why the arctic tern? We’ll keep that mystery alive for now but know this— they rock.)

Work isn’t just about checking tasks off a list. We know we’ve succeeded when our clients and team members tell us that we’ve helped them build, create, and sustain better futures.

From marketing wish lists to life plans, we want to understand it all. When it’s our turn to talk, you’ll find us to be very clear, concise, and forthright.

Our Values and Focus

What we care about

Our Team

The personality and characters of your teammates can make or break a job. We’re confident that our team is the best around. You won’t find people this cool, fun, dedicated, and intelligent just anywhere.

Creative Freedom

As a TMG team member, you’ll have the space to be creative and resourceful. Have a new idea to improve an existing process? Fantastic! We prioritize creativity and resourcefulness. We want to provide the best service possible, and that means never getting tunnel vision.


All team members work independently – although we know help is only one chat away. If we didn’t trust one other, we quite literally wouldn’t be able to operate.


From scheduled office hours to planned video meetings to spontaneous chats, we’re here for each other. We share our knowledge and experience with each other and bounce ideas off one another so that we’re all made stronger.

All for One & One for All

Company updates are given to everyone as we strategically plan together to make TMG the best.

Personal Value

Every team member is seen as valuable because of who they are, not just what they do. We’ll appreciate your skills, but if you join our team, it will be because we want you, not just anyone who can speak marketing.

Fully Remote

Love your hometown but need a new job? We hear you. All team members are 100% remote. No moving, no commuting, just an excellent marketing job from any locale that you love.

Generous Benefits

Each one of our team members is an invaluable benefit to the company, so we want to provide generous benefits in return! You’ll find everything you need, including medical+dental+vision, FSA, 401K, parental leave, and finally enough vacation time to live your dreams.

Extra Fun

We wouldn’t be us if we weren’t occasionally surprising team members with “everyone wins” raffles, contests focused on everything from health+wellness to sports, and virtual get-togethers where we solve mysteries, learn to cook, or just spend time with one another. We may not be in-person, but we are a team.

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