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Your Wikipedia page is reaching and influencing your ideal audience even if they never visit Wikipedia. Wikipedia pages appear in Google’s featured snippets 10 times more than any other website, they are almost always a top 3 search result, and Siri and Alexa reference pages to answer voice searches. If you don’t keep your page updated and user-friendly, there can be negative consequences.

However, Wikipedia is not a marketing platform. Understanding its unique rules and working with its many editors takes expertise, time, and patience. We help to align Wikipedia pages and SEO goals for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, international brands and consultancies, and high-profile non-profit organizations.

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Why Wikipedia matters for organizations

Wikipedia is one of the most used and powerful research tools online. It’s read daily by millions of potential investors, employees, job candidates, prospective clients, passionate researchers, would-be scholars, and everyone else.

Top 3 Search Result

Search for any keyword, person, or place on Google. If there’s a Wikipedia page for it, it’s almost always a top 3 result.

People Also Ask

People ask Google and Wikipedia answers. Many PAA answers are pulled from Wikipedia pages.

Knowledge Panels

Most knowledge panel descriptions come straight from Wikipedia pages, and link back to those pages to give people more information.

Voice Search & AI

Siri, Alexa, and many AI tools reference Wikipedia’s millions of articles to answer people’s questions.

1B+ Monthly Views

Wikipedia is the second most visited website both in the world and in the U.S. with over a billion views each month.

Carousel Search Results

The right information on Wikipedia can be the difference between being in a carousel search result and losing your place to a competitor.

How does Wikipedia actually work?

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and crowdsourced platform. That means there is user-generated content and the platform is largely governed by the users themselves. Continued success depends on thousands of engaged Wikipedians keeping pages factual and up-to-date. Each editor has their own passions and biases, which can make editing pages more difficult than sneaking past the Sphinx.

The fate of your page is in the hands of whoever decides to show an interest. For these editors, your page doesn’t exist to make your organization look good. It exists to give millions of readers a comprehensive, high-level summary of who you are, what you’re doing and what you’ve done.

So what can you do with Wikipedia?

To recap:

So when it comes to Wikipedia, you can’t leave  your online presence to chance. 

We help you:

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