Brand Management: Protect Your Online Reputation

Your reputation is valuable. When it’s positive, it leads directly to brand recognition, sales increases, leadership positions, and more. But when it’s negative, you experience backlash and slumps across the board. This includes low product awareness, negative media coverage, bad reviews, poor industry ties, and even PR crises.

You need to protect your company’s credibility and industry reputation and increase customer trust and confidence. Even when you’re flying high, you can’t stop intentionally pursuing these goals. One missed opportunity or wrong step can feature on the first page of Google for months.

ORM Positively Impacts Every Aspect of Your Business

Whether your focus is on your personal brand or an internationally recognized corporation, you need to protect and manage it at all times. Reputation management strategies impact everything, including:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing sales
  • Building an image and brand reputation
  • Building industry and influencer relationships
  • Establishing credibility
  • Improving customer service
  • Driving product development
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and employee retention rates
  • Expanding your reach and boosting your brand’s popularity
  • Increasing your sales by influencing purchasing decisions
  • Preventing and managing online reputation crises
  • Hiring phenomenal new employees

Deliverable Results

We make ORM quantifiable and easy with:

  • SERP tracking
  • Volume metrics
  • Difficulty metrics
  • Influence metrics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Email notifications
  • Graphs, comparisons, and more

We work with you to establish and achieve your goals, such as:

  1. Building credibility and trust
  2. Delivering stable results for long-term growth
  3. Revealing your best side
  4. Boosting recruitment

Our Approach to Online Brand Management 

We discover what your customers, the media, and your industry think about:

  • Your company
  • Your product
  • Your service
  • Your marketing campaign
  • Your competitors

We use this information + our expertise to influence online results.

  • Correct misinformation online
  • Repair a damaged reputation
  • Build a reputation online
  • Clean up search results

We then protect your brand by:

  • Identifying opportunities
  • Performing research and analysis
  • Planning a strategy
  • Creating content, including client controlled content like social profiles
  • Promoting positive content across Google, social media, YouTube, and numerous other sites
  • Regularly reviewing your online presence and making recommendations
  • Suppressing unwanted search results
  • Correcting online inaccuracies
  • Handling HARO requests to put more online content in your control

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