2018 ASAE MMC Conference Recap

Josh & Byron Scott & Charles Norris at MMC Conference 2018

The Mather Group made its way to Washington, DC this week to attend ASAE’s Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference (MMCC). We were happy to help the 300+ attending associations better understand digital marketing in their space.

In addition to networking and making some new friends, we were able to attend several workshops and learned some new marketing tactics from the perspective of associations. We had the privilege of hearing Jamie Turner, a Marketing Expert, speak on day 1, and a basketball legend, Byron Scott, speak on day 2. Awesome information from both keynotes.

An interesting takeaway from one of the keynotes was the concept of non-linear marketing. Essentially, weaving your brand into the lives of the customer with wholesome YouTube series’ like Starbucks, entertaining cliff diving adventures like Red Bull, or a giant watch on the side of your building like Swatch. Finding new ways to reach your customers where they want to be targeted. In digital marketing, this means reaching the right customers, with the right messages, at the right times.

The Mather Group is looking forward to attending more ASAE Conferences down the road.

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