Notes and Insights from Digital Summit Atlanta 2019


  1. The Future Consumer | Keynote with Randi Zuckerberg from Zuckerberg Media
  2. “Meh” to “Marvelous”: How to Market on Facebook Ads in the Era of Killer Competition | Susan Wenograd from Aimclear®
  3.  Unlocking the Value of Social – How to Achieve ROI Beyond Marketing | Georgia Dahle from Hootsuite
  4. Analytics and Attribution: Measuring the Success of Influencer Marketing | Michelle Stinson Ross from Apogee Results
  5. Elevate Your Content Strategy: How to Scale and Produce Effective Consumer Conversations | Keynote with Beverly Jackson, VP of Marketing MGM Resorts International
  6. Website Migration: What to do Pre, During, and Post | Samantha Kermode from Vertical Measures
  7. Keyword Research Like a Pro: Next-Level SEO Techniques for Modern Marketers | Matthew Capala from Alphametic
  8. Actionable Tips for Using Attribution to Demonstrate How PPC Drives Results | Jeff Baum from Hanapin
  9. Behavioral Sciences for Better Conversion Optimization| Brian Massey from Conversion Sciences
  10. What Marketers Can Learn About Social Media From DJ Khaled and Drake | Carlos Gil from Gil Media Co.
  11. How to Generate Revenue with Video Marketing | Antoine Dupont from Katapult Marketing
  12. The Role of Cognitive Biases in Marketing | Nick Glavor with Zoho Social
  13. LinkedIn on LinkedIn: How to Combine Account Based Marketing and Social Selling | Ty Heath from LinkedIn

The Future Consumer | Keynote with Randi Zuckerberg from Zuckerberg Media

Every one of us has an opportunity to reach people – we are all sitting on an idea that could be used by millions of people

The Future Buyer

  1. Knows Everything is Media
  2. Seeking Tech-Life Balance
  3. Values Unique Experiences
  4. Has a Different Kind of Career

Everything is Media

  • Red Bull’s Live Stream Free Jump on FB
    • Nothing to do with selling
    • Most watched Live Stream Event in History
  • Big brands realizing that everyone needs to be a media company
  • Invest in an Audio Strategy
  • Blogging is Saturated – Podcasting is HOT right now
  • Test Long-Form content

Tech-Life Balance

  • Digital Detox Hotels
  • ‘Nothing’ App
  •  Work, Friends, Sleep, Fitness, Family  – Pick 3 and be excellent at them

Scarcity and Unique Experiences

  • Everyone’s creating media … Who’s listening?
  • Need to create unique experiences online
  • Go LIVE
  • ‘In Real Life’ Experiences – Help people get outside and experience your brand

Has a Different Kind of Career

  • ICE Hotel in Canada (remade every year): Built in January and melts in April
  • Dinner in the Sky
  • Gym Pop Up Restaurant where you pay with exercise
  • ‘Experience Stores’ – Places with backgrounds where people can take pictures
  • Everyone has a ‘Side Hustle’
  • Everyone is a Brand
  • Modern Office Perk

What’s Changed? 

  • Massive amount of new advertisers
  • Ad Inventory Saturated = Costs Up
  • Creating more Ad Inventory that isn’t effective
  • Everyone caught on to high-value lookalike audiences
  • Video isn’t as novel as it used to be
  • The Good News
    • FB ads still work, just not as easily as before
    • Advertisers are running Conversion Campaigns and then Retargeting them – 2 most expensive types of media on FB

Conversions are a long and winding road  

  • IDENTIFY and BUILD remarketing pools
    • Odds of converting people outside of remarketing pools are low
  • Go for Longer Plays
    • People that have to buy NOW are going to be expensive
    • Getting in front of people and then retargeting to them
    • Align values of audience to what your cost is
    • Conversion ads don’t scale very well
  • Leverage things you’re doing elsewhere to create paths
    • Organic Content. Remarket people who interact.

Retarget users on other platforms – Set up pixels to retarget specific parameters (LinkedIn example)

  • Integrate your channels

 Look at What’s Working for you 

  • If something is doing well, do more of it
  • “Email is our most successful channel”
    • Remarket for email and messenger sign-ups
    • EXAMPLE – VIP client sign-ups for Black Friday: $4.16 per sign up, 700%+ ROAS for Black Friday sales to users on that list.
  •  Use &gclid  in FB retargeting audience URL to segment people who clicked on ads


  • Use Analytics Mercilessly. Conversions take time.
  • Test vs. Control Group using different attributes for testing Brand Traffic/Awareness

How people spend their time online: 

  • Social/Messaging = 39%
  • Email = 33%
  • Social = Purchase Driver

How can you harness this in a unified way?  

  1. Succeeding With Social
  2. Building for Tomorrow
  3. Measuring along the Way
  4. What the organization needs
  5. What the customer needs
  6. How they work together

Succeeding With Social: in 4 years, 1 billion users moved to private (messaging) channels 

  • New forces, new rules on social
  • Moving from public spaces to private spaces after privacy issues on social
    • More users looking to engage in messaging app
    • Integration of data across all platforms
    • Personalize social content
      • Rethink how you develop content
  • Personalization
    • Content Segments
      • Identify certain pieces of content that can be manipulated
      • EXAMPLE: Lexus – analyzed FB data and created ads based on location, buying preferences, etc. and saw a 300% increase in performance and in video views

Building for Tomorrow 

  • Organizations have expanded social beyond marketing
    •  HR/Sales/Customer Service
  • Building Blocks to Become a Social Organization
  • A: Advocacy
    • Brands built from the inside out
    • Leverage employees as advocates
    • Employees are more credible than others
  • C: Customer First
    • Why people follow you
      • Deliver Customer Service
      • Intro New Products
      • Advertise their products
    • 90% of Brands use social for Brand Awareness
    • Insight and Connection
  • E: Ecosystem you put them in
    • EXAMPLE: Jaguar Land Rover unites organic and paid data to understand the customer journey
      • Understood consumer behavior and transformed how they are creating their products

Measuring Along the Way

  • Company Goals
    • Drive Revenue
    • Reduce Costs
    • Mitigate Risks 
  • Customer Goals
    •  Inspire Me
    • Help Me Decide
    • Show me you Care 
  • Business outcomes must match up with what the customer wants
    • Business – How can we sell more products on instagram?
    • Customer – Where can I find people that like the things I like?
  • Business – How can we generate higher quality leads?
  • Customer – How is this product relevant to my needs? (How is the customer engaging with that content?)
  • Business – How can we offer good customer support at a low cost?
  • Customer – where can I find help now?
  • EXAMPLE: VISA helped do this by cutting email by 45% with a messaging bot – 78% of all inquiries answered within 2 minutes  
  • Community Engagement
    •  Peer-to-Peer Inspiration
    • Company invites people to go online, demo products, and share experiences  

Social Support can Mitigate Risk  

  • Allows companies to listen to feedback online
  • Opportunity isn’t just to achieve business objectives, it’s to change how we do business.

Customer Lifetime Value = $ (Average Transaction) + Annual Purchase Frequency + Expected Years of Relationship

Influencer KPI 

  • Backlinks for SEO
  • Social Advocacy
  • Web/PR

Link Building 

  • Introducing people on the web to your topic
  •  Things we measure:
    •  New backlinks acquired
      • Acquisition rate of new links
      • Contrast with old number of backlinks
    • Improved Rankings of Resource Pages
      • Make sure content is relevant to landing page
    • Referral Traffic
      • How much traffic?
      • How long did they stay?

Press & PR 

  • Lifts in Organic Brand Search Traffic
  • Direct traffic – auto-filled URLs
  • Growth in traffic to resource pages
  • Tools: Google Search Console (Search), SEMRush (Backlinks), Google Analytics (Acquisitions, Referral Traffic)

Link Building 

  • Things to ask for:
    •  EXAMPLE: For extended access to SaaS product we want articles written with specific keywords and Google-friendly topics
    • Hyperlinked verbiage
    • Tag URL for tracking so we can create a custom channel in Google Analytics

Tagged Social Mentions 

  • Track/Tag brand in the channel (Tag FB page if they’re talking about you on FB)
  • How to Track:
    • Use a tool to track Organic Social Mentions/Views
      • Brand24
    • Audience Acquisition instead of measuring Brand Awareness
      • Audience Acquisition: Growth of email and retargeting lists
      • Real Value comes from retargeting those who came to your site through the influencer and continuing the conversation

Social Advocacy  

  • Things to ask:
    • How many posts?
    • What kinds of posts?
    • Length of Engagement
  • Tag Social Profiles in Platform
  • Tag URLs
    • Each link they share is tagged for that channel
  • Live Video Agreement
    • Where will the stream occur?
    • Access to audience that watched
  • Engagement
    • Will the influencer engage with the community and guide them through the process in their posts?
    • Will they be required to like/share company posts?
  • Reporting on Audience Reach and Engagement
    • No analytic access to influencer channels
    • Have to rely on them to report metrics
  • Place value on the work and reported data, not the value of their audience 

Elevate Your Content Strategy: How to Scale and Produce Effective Consumer Conversations | Keynote with Beverly Jackson, VP of Marketing MGM Resorts International

  • Brands are challenged with competition of content – personal and otherwise
    • Competing with incredible content like the videos in Ridiculousness
  • People want real, pure content
    • SnapChat content is some of the most authentic and creative content

Scaling your Social Strategy 

  • Expectations and trends
    • Know what’s going on
    • Stakeholders – know what they’re looking for
  • Fall in love with your brand

Goals – Creating Content 

  • Break Records
  • Innovative
  • Award-Winning
  • Performance-Based
  • Live Content

Strategic Insights based on Data and Strategic KPIs

Build a COMPREHENSIVE Strategy 

  • Collaborate with PR and Communications Team
  • Leverage Partnerships
  • Current Events and Cultural Moments
  • Strategic Paid Efforts

Delivering ROI  

Brand Lift  

  • EXAMPLE: MGM Worked with Thrillist to create a campaign and influence people who already love Vegas to go back. Leveraged FB Game Show API and Instagram to produce content 
  • When rates (or demand) is/are low – extend story a little longer


  • Increase Live Event Coverage
  • Scale Influencer Marketing
  • Stabilize Engagement with an Optimized Content Strategy with fluctuating media budgets

Website Migration: What to do Pre, During, and Post | Samantha Kermode from Vertical Measures

Common Migration Issues 

  • No Staging site | Robots.txt
  • Poor Redirect Strategy
  • Slow Response Time
  • Poor Communication
  • Lack of Resources
  • New Website Not SEO Friendly
  • XML Sitemap

Vision – Why Migrate?  

Focus Areas: 

  • Creative Design
    • Web Dev Goals
    • Branding
    • Look and Feel
    • UX
  •  Performance
    • Page load speed
    • Optimization goals
    • Traffic growth

Site Migration: Simple & Complex


  • Rebrand/Redesign
  • New CMS
  • Architecture Change/New URL Structure
  • Consolidations (Migration of content and 301 redirects)
  • International – multiple languages and domains

Conversion Rate Optimization 

A/B Testing

  • Send 50% of users to control page and send other 50% to test page where you’re making small tweaks
  • Determine what’s causing higher conversion rates
  • Use data to redesign

Address Unsolved Optimizations 

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • H1 Tags
  • Page Load Speed
  • Images
  • Content Bloat
    • Redundant – might want to delete
    • Outdated
    • Timely – might want to keep

Structured Data

  • Twitter Card
  • Facebook
  • Open Graph
  • AMP (Mobile)
  • HrefLang
  • Update Plugins

Pre Migration 

  • Benchmark your Analytics

Migration Checklist

  • Pre Migration Audit
    • Anticipate URL Parameters – prevent duplicate content from being indexed
    • Set up analytics and search tools
    • Crawl – pre launch for SEO data
    • Measure current site analytics
    • Measure current site speed
    • Keyword rankings for site
  • Site Structure
    • Shopping for TVs – Start with TV page –> Samsung TVs more specifically
  • No Index Dev Site
  • Check for Sitemaps
    • If site needs HTML Sitemap, check test site for it
    • Site must at least have an XML Sitemap
  • Broken Internal Links
    • Double check for broken links
    • Clean up 404s
  • 301 Redirect Strategy
    • One redirect per page
  • Robots.txt
    • Identify areas of new site that should be blocked
    • Set up and test the sitemap


  • Implement XML Sitemap
  • Check Robots.txt
  • Check 301 Redirects
  • Notify Search Engines
  • Daily Check of Index

Post Migration 

  • Crawl new site for SEO Data
  • Monitor Site performance
  • Load Speed
  • Analytics

Backlink Reclamation  

  • Broken Links
  • Manual Outreach
  • Prioritize by DA

Striking Distance 

  • Organic Position Distribution
  • Check out what’s ranking on page 2 & 3 and see if you can move them to page 1

Owning your Audience 

  • Broken down into 3 Different Tiers
    • Tier 3 – Short Term
      • Someone that comes to your website and you retarget them
    • Tier 2 – Non Owned
      • May follow you on third party platforms
      • Still have to run ads to get in front of them
    • Tier 1 – Owned
      • Within Database, possibly a customer. People coming to your website and downloading things.

Start with the Buyer’s Journey 

  • Awareness – Provide useful info
  • How To – Answer the question, be the resource
  • Consideration – Be useful
  • Decision – Present solutions
  • Brand KWS – Present Product information

Persona-Based Keyword Funnel  

Buyer Persona –> Keywords –> Content –> Conversion

Identify Transactional Keywords

  • Check Suggested Bids for Competition
  • Check SERP for Competition rankings

MozBar Plugin  

Shows you SEO/Keyword rankings in SERP

“Red Carpet” Keywords = ‘Industry’ + ‘Service’ keywords  

  • Use Google ads to test keywords and then use keywords in SEO Strategy

 Optimize for Featured Snippets and 0 Rank

  • 60% of clicks go to 0 rank  – Mobile
  • 30% of clicks go to 0 rank – Desktop
  • Get to the featured snippets
  • Use Keyword Explorer tool on Moz to determine Opportunity

Answer Boxes Expanding 

  • Try creating content similar to the snippets

 Exact Match ‘broad question’ – [How to make chicken soup]

  • Answer question thoroughly
  • Header must match question

Google Suggest – Predictive Search

 See what people are searching for after your keyword

Answer the Public [Tool] 

Variations of questions that people ask 

Allows you to put negative keywords


Provides keyword data from more than just Google (Amazon, Wikipedia, etc.)


Related Topics

  • Google’s Rankbrain
    • Aims to understand semantics – what does the keyword really mean?
    • Uses related topics that Google correlates with the Keyword you’re targeting
      • ‘Best Netflix Shows’ … ‘Orange is the New Black’ in content
  • “Enterprise software” + “Forum”
    • Find key questions around what people are asking
    • Find trends
  • Hashtag Research
    • Google indexing twitter hashtags
    • Tool – Righttag
  • Anticipate the Follow-Up Questions
  • FAQ – Related Topics at bottom of each page to answer related questions

SEMRush – Keyword Magic Tool

  • Place keyword
  • See all questions people ask  

Attribution is the representation of all touch points along the conversion path

How to Set Attribution Model

  • Sign In to Google Ads
  • Tools –> Conversions
  • Select conversion action and click edit
  • Select Model
  • Click Done

Interpreting Assisted Conversions by Channel

 MCF Channel Grouping (Multi Channel Funnel) in Analytics

  •  Shows assisted conversions and last click conversions
    • Channels with values 1+ in assisted/last click conversions are typically the ‘assisters’
    • Channels with values less than one are closers

MCF Time Lag Report

  • Check conversions throughout multiple days
  • Try putting side by side with Google Ads time lag report

MCF Top Paths Report

  • Shows conversion paths of users

How to leverage cross device attribution

  • ‘16.9% of your conversions had cross device activity’
  • Figure out where you can optimize along the way to help people make that final decision earlier

Attribution Section of Google Ads –> Compare Attribution Models

Building PPC Program for Cross Channel Basis

  • Send traffic to conversion page across all platforms
  • Must have clear campaign goals

Utilize Attribution to target the Right Audience

  • Need a clear goal/intention to reach the right audience
  • Be mindful of intentions because even if PPC isn’t converting, it may be attributing as a touch point

Account Structure

  • Do we have the right settings in place?
  • Choose the goal that best fits
    • One campaign that just collects leads, one campaign aimed at bringing conversions in, and one campaign that drives awareness and collects cookies

Budgets and Bids

  • High bids give you more real estate
  • Don’t use Google Smart Bidding blindly
  • Ad Copy – Transactional/Informative Keywords

Mapping Customer Journey

  • Think through what the customers want and when
  • Awareness > Research > Discovery > Purchase > Service > Checkout > Delivery

Create Your Own

  • Who is Your Ideal Customer?
  • Focus on Customer’s Goals
  • Conversion Path – have you gone through their path?

Behavioral Sciences for Better Conversion Optimization | Brian Massey from Conversion Sciences

The Cost of a Miss 

  • Lost Time
  • Agencies seeking Scapegoats
  • Playing it safe in the future
  • Affects career path

Using Behavioral Science to avoid these Failures 

  • Leverage Existing Data
    • EXAMPLE: Went through 6 months of emails – ranked subject lines by the CTR – certain keywords stuck out

Building a Landing Page through Behavioral Sciences 

Two Jobs 

  • Must keep promise of Email/Ad/Social Post
  • Get the Visitor to Make a Choice
    • They should never be confused as to what you’re asking

Use Keywords in Highest Performing Ads

  • Need to make sure the article keeps the promise

Customer Research

  • Marketing Studies
  • Talk to Customers
  • Look at Marketing Materials

The Right Image – Show employees & customers

UsabilityHub Helio – 5 second test – what does the customer see in 5 seconds

Eye-tracking ( – See where visitors are looking – is your page layout effective

Heatmaps and Session Recording Software (Page Interaction Data)

Scroll Report

Just Ask People – Thank You Page Questionnaire

Study: A/B Testing

Reduce Risk during Design – Not After Launch


  • Optimizely
  • Hotjar
  • Adobe Target
  • Bl.Ink

Humanize Your Brand

Make Human Connections

  • Brands are creating noise on Social Media
  • How do we rise above the noise and stand out?

Social is Constantly Evolving

  • 1% or less engagement rate on Facebook
  •  Facebook is where brands go to advertise, and it’s where people go to ignore brands

Find ways to remove that logo and that company name, and replace it with a FACE. People are the brands. Think about your own social media activity…engage with friends and colleagues and people that will provide insights…People, Influencers, and Creators are the new brands.

  •  Take a page out of the Influencer handbook, and make your own influencers
    • Use your employees
    • Use social media to listen about your company, industry, and competition

Be Real. (as a brand)

Document what you do. Draw people in. Make them feel a connection.

  • Be on the Social Networks where you can be GREAT.
  • Select 1 or 2 Social Networks where your reach is maximized.

Audit Your Channels Consistently

  • Community is always changing

Posting Frequency

  • Post only when you have quality content to share

Captions: Ask Open Ended Questions.

  •  Conversation is content. Involve your brand in Discussions.
  •  Create original platform in native platforms. Videos, blog posts etc.


Every week: re-engage users by commenting on an old, popular post; comment back to people; like comments, etc.


Instagram Stories

Use stories to keep audience engaged between posting dates.

Make sure you have a theme – Educate or Entertain

How to Generate Revenue with Video Marketing | Antoine Dupont from Katapult Marketing

“What’s in it for me?”

 Produce content that MATTERS to them

Create GOOD content

  • 10:00 – 12:00 minutes = sweet spot on YouTube
  •  No one wants to watch a commercial

How to find sources for content

  • What matters to them? What do they want to watch?
  • SEMRush – Keyword Magic Tool
    • Enter keyword, and questions around keyword will show up.
    • Create videos that answer questions
  • AnswerThePublic
    • Free version
  • Topic Tools
  • TubeBuddy – Type question, will show you the volume of the question
    • Avoid highly competitive questions


5 Subjects that buyer wants to know:  

  • Cost
  • Problems
  • Comparisons
  • Reviews
  • Best

How To Start your Videos 

A-P-P Method: let the viewer know what they are in for

  • Agree
  • Promise
  • Preview
  • ‘I’m sure you would agree that.. But if I told you that… in this video I’m going to show you… “

Bridge Method

  • Desired Situation
  • Current Situation
  • Offer Bridge
  • ‘Imagine if you never had to…But right now you…in this video I’m going to…’

Don’t Script – Write an Outline


How to Grow and Promote your Videos

  • FB – Largest Market
    • Average $8-9 per 1,000 Reach
    • $8 for less than 500 isn’t good
    • ThruPlays
      • Views above 15 seconds
      • $8 / 350 (Thruplays) = $0.02 per thruplay
      • Under $0.05 is Awesome
      • Above $0.10 is not good
      • Try starting Video Campaign for $1/day and after 7 days if it’s received 1,000 in reach – go for $30 in 30 days.  
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube – Largest Market
    • Biggest Mistake: Chasing Subscribers
    • YT Doesn’t promote videos based on # of subscribers
    • Show up #1 as a suggested video
    • Audience Retention should be over 50%
    • View YT analytics to see retention rates on specific videos
    • Peaks in the Retention Rate Chart show where viewers REWOUND — it’s either a great point, or it’s slightly confusing

Quality is the X Factor – Context is the Y Factor

  • Don’t take your Instagram video and Upload them to YouTube
  • Produce what matters to them

The Role of Cognitive Biases in Marketing | Nick Glavor with Zoho Social


  • Thinking about thinking
  • Affect Decision Making and Precision

Confirmation Bias

Tendency to filter info in a way that confirms previous notions

Social Biases

Systematic errors made when trying to understand the behavior of yourself or others

Memory Biases

  • Enhance or impair the recall of memory
  • Alter the content of a reported memory

Bandwagon Effect

Tendency for someone to like something if it’s already popular

  • Why make a judgement for yourself if you’ve already found an answer elsewhere?

 Anchoring Effect

Tendency to anchor on one piece of information when making a decision. Usually the first thing you hear.

Framing Effect

Write messaging towards the fact that this won’t be around forever  


Trying to influence others

Bringing Marketing and Sales Together

 Marketing Automation can lead to Market Alienation

Social Selling  

  • Meet the customer where they are with helpful content and conversation
  • We expect great engagement (Spotify, Netflix, Amazon)


  •  Sales and Marketing aren’t collaborating
  • We’re using different data sets … Marketing Automation Tools (Marketers) vs. CRM Tools (Sales)

The most aligned companies lead the market

  • 208% More revenue contributed by Marketing when aligned with Sales

What would a joint Sales & Marketing Effort look like? 

  • Find FIT – Unified View where Sales and Marketing can share info on customers
    • Talk to each other more
    • Focus on Buyer committee
      • Who is in the committee? CMO? CRO?
        • They need different info to make decisions – how do we serve them?
    • Value thought leadership
  • Intent – how do you know they’re ready to engage?
    • Walk through the persona you’re trying to reach
      • See where they engage and the topics they like
    • Website Demographics: LinkedIn – shows you types of customers that are visiting your site. Place tag on site.
    • Trending Content: Access through company pages and see what topics are trending among followers
    • Audience Insights: 2H 2019
      • Sales Lead and Account Targeting: 2H 2019 Bring sales and marketing together by giving Sales the option of marking their favorite leads in Sales Navigator
      • Gives the Campaign Manager further targeting options

LinkedIn Steps:

  1. Get data driven personas and insights
  2. Audit and Benchmark your existing content
  3. Operationalize the new journeys

Create a System for Constant Learning

  • Know your audience and what they’re interested in
  • Refine the cycle in collaboration with the Sales team
  • Document what the buyer circle looks like

Tool: Deals

 Shows the sales manager where the deal is in its process

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