Notes from 2019 MAM Summit in Baltimore

Social Media Trends

Description of the session

Are we hitting peak social media?

  • Towards its peak, but not done yet
  • Continuously evolving
  • Brands need to continue to pivot
  • Reaching the next generation

Are you experimenting with voice assistants?

  • Testing Alexa as a customer service tool

How is social media today as compared to 3 years ago?

  • Trying ALL social media channels
  • Not all of them work
  • Use social channels that work with your demo
  • Visual takes on things – use Instagram and Instagram stories

Give customers an experience instead of ‘stuff’

How to Scale ROI for social?

  • Qualitative v quantitative
  • Align with the key stakeholders in the org

Struggling with organic content

  • FB is pay to play

Reaching followers organically on Instagram

  • Commenting on similar company pages – engaging with the community

DC's Top Sale Leaders

Description of session

Sales Team

  • 2-3 Years of Sales Exp
  • 25 Age Range
  • Experience in Software not needed
  • Diverse Backgrounds

Reach out to one client a day with feedback questions

What do you expect from Marketing?

  • Incremental Measurement is essential
  • Push back to narrow priority b/w teams
  • Find a ‘Why’ – Push this to your Sales Leader

Work together to solve small problems

Grounding on Analytics

Analytics for Sales to be successful

  • Lead comes in – what’s next? Need to do something within 24 hours
  • Stay organize
  • Strategic analytics – segmentation of the customers

Be honest with client, embrace good with the bad

People appreciate transparency

Key Points

  • Trade Show leads aren’t very valuable to them
  • Get Small Wins, Measure, and Celebrate
  • Thorough ‘Client Needs Analysis’

Keynote | Curiosity Stream

Description of Keynote

Curiosity Stream – Documentaries Streamed

3rd Generation of Television

Streaming Entertainment Anywhere Anytime

Straight forward conversion funnel

Partnerships are incredibly important

Balance b/w Television & Digital

Performance Driven

Great organic content

Have some polished content, as well as some raw content

A/B testing on different creatives

Test creatives through organic, if successful, boost

Hidden Gems and Social Trends

Description of Session

Brands need to Engage with Consumers

Out with Content Schedules in with Real Engagement

Reposting People who Engage

Create an ‘If .. Then..’ Framework

Need to build an authentic community

Emotional Appeal

  • Be authentic and evoke emotion to drive engagements
  • Using images in an authentic way
  • Make sure emotions are tied to goals

Micro influencers > Influencers

More targeted audiences

Influencer: Can be anyone. Anyone that influences someone to buy your product

Micro influencers have less than 100K typically

  • Higher Engagement Rate
  • More Trust
  • Less $

Go through your own followers to see if anyone fits

B2B Marketing Leaders

Description of Session

Differences b/w B2B and B2C

  • B2C is very transactional
  • Consumers tend to by based on affinity as opposed to ROI or value
  • In B2B you’re selling to a group
    • On Average – 6-8 People
  • Account Based Marketing
    • Collect as many leads as you can
    • Qualify them at scale
    • Focus on accounts you care about
    • Able to increase pipeline contribution
  • B2B is about channels and how you work in those channels
  • How do you get to your customer’s customer
  • Push & Pull –
    • Cisco will put out an article about 5G even though they don’t sell it themselves – PUSH
    • Cisco building messages in marketplace where end customer is going to Cisco’s channel – PULL
  • 74% of B2B buyers have already researched the product before they talk to the salesperson

B2B Tools

  • Get the messaging right – and then look at the tool
  • There’s always a tool
  • ABM will be the new B2B –
    • Not just a shiny new tool.
    • Building block. Works with other tools.
    • CRM
    • Sales Email Cadence tools
  • IT is risk aversion – stability
  • Marketing is about change and adapting
  • Gardner Way of thinking how martech can be a solution
  • PACE
    • Layering strategy
      • The Core: ERP Systems, CMS Systems – Stable tools
      • Systems of Differentiation
        • Product
        • Service
        • Price
      • Understand how you differentiate, and understand your goals around that
      • Innovation – Take the tools you want to innovate with
        Match Tech stack with your Business Goals

AI Marketing

It’s just software programs. Data fuels it.

  • Start with Chat Bots – Learn
  • Most AI are basically algorithms
  • AI doesn’t drive everything
    • It is about classifying outcomes
      • Classification
      • Outcomes
      • Parameters
        • The more parameters you have, the more data you need.

Privacy, Authentication, Data

GDPR – Eventually going to move to the States

  • Signals: Days of buying a list are over
  • People will have to opt in
  • Cultivating engaged contacts must be a focus now
  • How do you market broadly when you need the opt in?

Account Based Advertising

  • List of accounts you want
  • Buying roles within accounts
  • ABA module will deliver personalized ads to buyers in those accounts. Buyers are anonymized.
  • Anon end users


  • People are over indexing on privacy
  • Market to a lookalike using social for the people that don’t opt in for emails
  • Security and Privacy are separate

GDPR gives you explicit feedback from your customer

To get someone engaged and opted in – ask them a question –

  • “Would you like to learn how we fix brown outs”
  • “Would you like to know when your bill is due”
  • Test what they’re interested in:
    • “Would you like an energy audit”
    • Updates:
      • “We’re concerned about your privacy..”
  • Create an environment where they can engage
  • People don’t fill out forms for content
  • 45% Engaged 90 days or more prior to filling out the form for content

How do I engage you earlier in the buying cycle, before you fill out the form

When you run account based ads, you don’t get the CTR, but other channels increase

Brand Impressions Matter

Here are the accounts you’re going for, here they are on the website. Getting your VP information about valuable accounts in terms of their interaction with the site.

ABM For Smaller Companies

There are different models

  • Segment of Industry AMB
    • Broad segment/profile of account
      • Dividing them into subsegments – but personalizing their journey along the way

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