NVTC CXO Auction

One of my favorite events every year is the northern Virginia Tech Council NVTC CXO Auction.   It’s a fundraiser for the Veterans Employment Initiative and it’s an opportunity to bid on meetings with CEOs and leaders in the tech community here in Northern Virginia. The event mingles a great mix of startups and board members and CEOs who are being auctioned while learning more about a great cause.  It’s a silent auction, that closes at three different times through the evening, so networking while occasionally obsessively checking your phone, is amusing. tech auctionIn the  past, I’ve met and had lunch with people John Backus and Sudhakar Kesavan, the CEO of ICF, who is the CEO of ICF, and gotten some great advice for building The Mather Group.  This year, the auction was at a new location, over at Convene in Tysons Corner.  Great looking facility, with tech bells and whistles, for holding meetings.  My bidding went particularly well and I won a number of the auctions.  I always enjoy bringing folks along to these meetings, so if you’re interested, (Appian! Everfi! more!), drop me a note and we’ll spread the love!

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