PR Summit 2019 Summary Notes

Keynote - Sara (Axiom)

Rise of Digital fall of Print

  • Podcast advertising is booming
  • TV is powerful but changing.. Going digital – Streaming
    • TV is still big: $77B ad revenue
  • 63% of people click through on a social media post without reading the article

1.2b Web Pageviews a day 

Growth is starting to slow on the internet

New Comm Channels:

  • Retail
  • Influencers
  • App, Tech
  • Ephemeral 

Social Media Trends and Outlooks

Bob Fine, Andrea McCarren [Penfed], Ashley Butler [Crosby Marketing], Lexi Neaman

People want to be inspired and engaged (Andrea)

  • Each day, ‘how can I lift someone up with my content’? 
  • One size doesn’t fit all 
  • Find purpose or meaning in what you do 


‘Behind the scenes video’ 

Show users how the ‘sausage is made’ 

Tailor your content

  • Native to your content
  • Native to your platform 

LinkedIn Marketing

Pilot Program: LinkedIn Live (Like FB Live for Business) (Andrea)

Take advantage of the audience and the method – meet your audience where they are

Connect your TV Ads with your Social w/ a Call to Action 

PR – Twitter is a great way to meet with Journalists 

Be Authentic

Be Responsive 


  • Allows you to promote tweets from another user within your ad dashboard
  • Use other users to promote your messaging 
  • Sort of like influencer marketing 

LinkedIn Content Tone:

1/3 Personal Tone

1/3 Thought Leader

1/3 Industry News

Working with Reporters in the New Media Relations Env.

Success Metrics for Corporations and the Media have changed

The right question to ask: Are you going to have a relationship with these people or not. 

If you engage, honest, and helpful then you’ll have a chance to make your article better and you’ve built your relationship. 

Engage on the Happy and the Sad

Everything is done for the sake of the readers

Most companies don’t need earned media anymore – there are so many other ways to get the information out there nowadays.  

Research Niches of Reporters/Journalists and Chat with them about being involved. 

Newsjacking / Digital PR

Thursday, July 18, 2019

11:41 AM

David Almacy (Captial Gigs), Sarah Simmons (Anchor for Fox 5), Robert Bluey (The Daily Signal), Scott Stanzel (Capital One Comms) 


Practice of taking advantage of current events in such a way as to promote or advertise one’s product or brand… Taking advantage of a headline. Bend the news to talk about your product/service. 

When a story breaks, the most opportune time to Newsjack it is right after it breaks, early.

Case Studies:

Oreo Tweet during the Super Bowl Blackout – taking advantage and tweeting quickly.  

Capital One #AllCaps –  Used a DC Story (Caps) that everyone can get behind.. How can we participate in a really authentic way.. Change the Capital One logo to include a hockey stick. Changed organically and waited for people to notice. Hung a banner during playoffs, lit crown of new building to caps theme, built on it with influencers, sponsored watch parties. Continued building on this campaign.  

President Trump using the ‘Winter Is Coming’ theme to create an image on Twitter with trumps face and the text ‘Sanctions are Coming’ 

Take advantage of Anniversaries

How do you know you’re going over the line? 

Does this content reflect who we are – can we participate authentically? 

Ready, Fire, Aim! How (Not) to Plan your Next Video

The Big Ten (10 things you’ll want to do when planning your next video)

  1. Be transparent about the process and share information
    1. Put creative process into the brief in the beginning 
  2. Know your audience
  3. Achieve Stakeholder Alignment Early 
    1. Set expectations & goals early 
    2. Set 1 POC on the client side that will encompass all employees on that side 
    3. Set schedules, frequent milestones, timing, stay in lanes of areas of expertise 
    4. Make videos about one specific person that encompasses your audience
  4. Show & Tell (Elevator Pitch) 
    1. Be able to tell you story WITH and WITHOUT sound 
    2. Simplify your story
    3. Cater videos based on channels 
  5. Make it Simple and Beautiful
    1. If you’re explaining your video, then you’re losing. 
    2. Including video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%
    3. People engage with people rather than concepts — figure out a way for people to engage with people in a video. 
  6. Make Video part of your Integrated PR/Marketing Plan
    1. Make sure videos are integrated throughout 
  7. Target Your Audience
    1. Be sure to have a dist. Plan in place 
  8. Create a Clear CTA
    1. What do you want people to do 
  9. Let Video do what it does best
    1. Make people FEEL. You get it through stories. Personify your issues. Your stories/videos should be about the people you impact. Put your brand in between a before and after video – showing your brand as the transition. 
  10. Know Your North Star
    1. Set your course and stay focused. 

Communicating our Country's Best Assets through Strategy & Planning

Targeting Multiple Audiences with Brand USA

Work with travel/trade in international markets 

Travel agents in other countries are still very important

3 Main areas of Brand USA

  • Finance/Legal/Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Research/PR/Strategy/IT

How do you utilize data? 

Use it to get ahead of the message. In terms of presidential transition – other countries creating the message that they won’t be visiting. Brand USA needed to get out ahead of this. Needed to apolitically share the truth of people coming to visit. Created a PR campaign separating perception from reality. 

Targeting people that are on the fence of coming, not the ones that DON’T want to come. 

Create a POSITIVE message. 

Be consistent through the PUBLIC and the PRIVATE side. 

Shaping Discussions through Digital Advocacy

Lucy Caldwell, Tad Rupp, Shumway Marshall 

Digital Advocacy 

Educators underpaid since the recession. Educators walking out for better pay.
Rallying Cry – Red for Ed(ucation)

Groups in each state have been formed that are supported by local affiliates.

Measure conversions outside of digital – new contracts, trending pay, etc.

Issue and Cause Advocacy 

What is the ‘true’ issue behind the action? Instead of being Red or Blue. 

  • People want to buy from companies that deliver products they love and do right by their community 
  • Reporters are reaching out to companies for their input on global issues. 
  • Who is your persuadable audience/who is going to have a problem with this position. 

How to measure digital advocacy through action:

  • Don’t focus on one KPI
    • ‘Bundling’ KPIs – Get people that are going to contribute to your cause 
  • Think about your ‘Theory of Change’
    • Are you successful in your main problem 
    • Keep an eye on your current campaign, but also keep your eye on the long term goals 

Spokespeople/Influencers must maintain your message. 

SEO & Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management? 

Engaging and Educating Customers

Through Company transformations, maintain the same message

B2B – Work with Capterra & other product review sites to improve reputation

Need to use all of your assets to allow the company to show up the way they want to on the first page

How do you explain Reputation Management and its Necessity to Stakeholders

  • Need to agree on the contribution of marketing to revenue 
  • Need to use data to talk to the executives and to convince them to manage their reputation
  • Social listening tools & reports – Started Advocacy Campaign and listened to reactions
  • Implement Chat Bots 

Tools in Rep Management

Reactions of users – ‘moods’ 

Social listening tools and quick reactions 

Critical Mention – Tool that scans commercials and puts it into keywords and text and allows for a report where you can add an external URL and place it in a newsletter where employees and members can see daily reports. 

Agora Pulse – Moderation and reporting. 

Continuous engagement with users that engage with your brand. 

Embrace the negative to learn and grow as a company. 

SEO Techniques that are overlooked but that are very powerful 

  • Confront the negative things at the heart 
  • Cover the basic bases 

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