The $50,000 Click

A 3PL company focused on cold storage warehousing and transportation in the Atlanta area was looking to expand their pipeline particularly outside of the Atlanta area. They were able to service clients in the entire Southeast, but were not getting many opportunities to do so. The Mather Group put together an SEO and PPC program to target this demographic. We focused the PPC on Southeast keywords and the job titles and industries of decision-makers who need cold storage. About 7-weeks into the program, we received a call from the VP of Marketing & Sales. He was all excited as they had just pitched a prospect who needed to store 6,000 pallets of confectionary goods which they had a great chance of closing. They could trace this prospect directly back to the PPC campaign, and he exclaimed, “It really works!”. The deal when closed was worth $50,000 which was a massive ROI just on that one client. The Mather Group has since continued to refine the program, and 4 years later, they have filled up 2 new full-sized warehouses and kept their pipeline completely full.   Click Here

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