Wikipedia for 2024 Breaks Down the Rules and Trends Shaping Strategies in the Wikipedia and AI Era

#1 in Public Relations last year, this annual publication is here to get businesses ready for 2024. 

[Vienna, VA January 24, 2024]

Reliable marketing strategies grow businesses. They also use Wikipedia. That’s the truth laid out by Josh Greene in his newest book, Wikipedia for Business 2024: The Rules & Latest Developments that Businesses & Communicators Need to Know to Succeed. Generative AI and LLMs depend on Wikipedia. Google depends on Wikipedia. Siri, Alexa, many journalists, professors, medical researchers – they all use Wikipedia daily. The customers and investors you need if you want to be #1? Yes, they depend on Wikipedia, too. The question is, do you have any idea how to use Wikipedia without getting yourself locked out and your content revisions deleted forever?

“Wikipedia drives millions of dollars worth of traffic to companies. The content from its articles is splashed all across the internet – including in multiple places on Google’s first page. People don’t even have to visit Wikipedia to be influenced by it. Want to know what people think of you and what they’re being told is true? Check Wikipedia,” says Josh Greene, CEO of The Mather Group, LLC.

Greene founded TMG back in 2015 based on the principle Nice People, Great ROI. He and his team of digital marketing experts improve and protect online reputations using SEO, Paid Media, and Wikipedia. Their work is built on creating authentic relationships, and, with clients who frequently recommend them to friends, colleagues, and their teams whenever they start new jobs, they’ve done it well.

Before founding TMG, Greene managed online programs for industry leaders such as Discovery Channel and Time Warner Cable. His experiences prepared him to help some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies, five of the largest nonprofits, popular media channels, the third largest mobile provider, two of the largest manufacturing companies, and many software companies.

Wikipedia for 2024 is Greene’s way of giving industry professionals their own, always available, Wikipedia expert. The publication combines everything Greene’s seen in 2023, with his insights and tips for how to prepare for 2024. It’s an action book – one written to help anyone who reads it take action to improve their SEO and online presence. It’s conversational, and occasionally humorous, which are nice benefits when you are a busy professional choosing how to best spend your time.

This year, joining perennial chapters Wikipedia Data Points, Notable Changes and News, and Challenges We Saw, the book has a new chapter, ‘Wikipedia and AI,’ and a refreshed newbie from last year, ‘Wikipedia and SEO.’ In each chapter, Greene breaks down what is happening in those respective areas. Then, most importantly, he explains why it matters to organizations and what to do about it. The book also provides a comprehensive guide of exactly how to edit Wikipedia without falling victim to any of its many pitfalls. As everyone needs to know, Wikipedia continues to grow in importance, but it is not a marketing platform. It requires specific, unique strategies, and a deep understanding of its many rules, guidelines, and public editors. The help Greene’s book provides makes it a welcome addition to your marketing and online reputation strategy sessions.

Let the expert walk you through his areas of expertise, so that you can do better at yours.

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Greene’s book can be purchased online as either an e-book or a paperback. Pick up your copy today and refer to it throughout the year. Your team and your brand will thank you.



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