Wikipedia Strategy: Everything you need to know

There are pages and pages on Wikipedia devoted to providing guidance on the many rules and regulations used to enforce standards amongst the encyclopedia’s millions of online articles. Trying to get an answer for something as seemingly simple as, “Why was my content reverted?” can lead to what feels like an endless rabbit hole.

Luckily, after working with hundreds of organizations on new and existing Wikipedia pages, we’ve learned what’s really important.

We’ve combined our best resources here to give you an easy, grab-and-go compilation of everything we know.

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Person

Thinking of making a Wikipedia page for a person? Our step-by-step guide walks you through the process, from account creation to reliable sourcing to speedier approval.

Wikipedia and AI: Are You Ready?

Did you know that Wikipedia content is referenced constantly by generative AI models? There is no safety net. Even out-of-date articles can be used to provide answers to AI queries. Read our latest article to discover more about this and the other challenges and benefits of integrating AI with Wikipedia. Find out why human involvement remains crucial and stay informed on managing your organization’s online presence.

Some Wikipedians are Bullies, But There is a Way Through – Don’t Give Up

Wikipedia can be terrible when you’re stuck dealing with intimidating and less-than-helpful editors. But you are not alone. Find out how to deal with conflicts effectively, keep pushing forward, and let your contributions see the light of day.

Be Aware of How Wikipedia Impacts Your SEO

Want to grow your online presence, boost your domain authority, and build trust for your brand? You need to understand SEO and everything that impacts it – including Wikipedia. Find out exactly how Wikipedia affects SEO and what Wikipedia activity might mean for your online presence.

What Can Go Wrong if You Ignore the Wikipedia Community and Its Rules?

What exactly can go wrong if you ignore Wikipedia’s many guidelines and the voices of its numerous editors? Before choosing to play by your own rules, check out the consequences here.

What Is The ROI Of Wikipedia

Wondering what the market value of Wikipedia is when it comes to brand reputation and growth? Find out how Wikipedia affects your bottom line and the cost of not maintaining it.

How To Upload An Image Of Your Company Logo On Wikipedia

If you want to know how to upload an image of a company logo to Wikipedia, we walk you through the process in five easy steps.

Monitoring Your Wikipedia Page: A Guide

Discover the best practices on guidelines, policies, rules, templates and tools to use when it comes to monitoring your Wikipedia page.

How External Links On Wikipedia Drive Traffic Worth Millions Of Dollars

A recent study of Wikipedia found that official infobox links generate millions of dollars of monthly traffic to other websites. Find out how this works, what it means for your business’s page, and how to benefit.

How Google Uses Wikipedia To Improve Search Results

Have you ever noticed that Wikipedia content is all over Google’s first page search results? Here’s a guide to why that matters for SEO, the different types of content, and how editors organize content so that it provides the obvious, helpful answers that Google wants.

How Complex Is Wikipedia For Businesses? Get The Monthly State Of Wikipedia Report And Find Out

Wikipedia is a complex place and it’s only growing more challenging for companies. To find out exactly what you need to do to successfully manage your page’s impact on your online reputation, sign up for the monthly State of Wikipedia Report.

What We’ve Learned Managing Fortune 500 Wikipedia Pages

Think you know Wikipedia because you’ve read one or two how-to articles? Think again. Before you jump into the site and find yourself lost or mired in controversy, check out these lessons learned from managing Fortune 500 Wikipedia pages.

Stop Ignoring Wikipedia – 10 Facts To Get Started The Right Way

If your Wikipedia page isn’t already an important part of your ORM strategy, something needs to change, fast. We give you all the Wikipedia do’s, and will help you avoid the many don’ts that land companies in hot water.

The Secret Ways Wikipedia Is Influencing Your Customers

Did you know that Wikipedia is always on that first page and is visited by millions every month? Now is the time to take advantage and make your Wikipedia page part of your corporate communications strategy.

How to See Who’s Editing Your Page

Learn how to find out who’s editing your page, how to compare page versions, and why it’s important to know how much attention your page is under.

What Makes a Reliable Source for Wikipedia?

Sourcing can make or break your page. Find out here why Wikipedia cares about sources, and get specific examples of good and bad sources.

How Do I Remove Issue Tags on My Wikipedia Page?

Many of our clients come to us because their pages have been tagged, which can hurt a page’s reputation. While there are no quick fixes, learn best practices here so that you avoid making the problem worse.

What to Do When Your Wikipedia Article is Deleted

Ooh. This one sounds bad. Don’t panic though. Find out the different types of deletion and what your best chances are to avoid your page’s ultimate demise.

How to Help Your CEO Understand Wikipedia

What is it? Why do I want a page? Why can’t you copy+paste info from our website? — You’ve heard the questions, now we’ve got the answers.

How to Create a Wikipedia Page For Your Organization: The AfC Process 

If you want to add your top-of-the-line organization to Wikipedia, we’ve got you covered. Discover the ins and outs of working with the world’s most famous online encyclopedia, and learn how to set yourself up for success.

4 Best Practices for Writing Great Content for a Wikipedia Page

What exactly does it take to write a good Wikipedia article? To help you, we’ve created a list of actionable, easy-to-understand best practices so you can get started today.

How To Contact Wikipedia For Help

In the vast world of Wikipedia, who are you supposed to contact when something goes wrong with your page? Find out how to get answers here and the best practices for resolving issues without trauma and strife.

How Wikipedia And SEO Affect Company Rebranding

Your online footprint is larger than you think and you don’t want old or new customers getting confused. Use our checklist to make your rebranding truly successful.

Crisis Management: When Wikipedia Turns Against You

For companies and individuals, a bad day can spell disaster if there isn’t a contingency plan in place to address all potential scenarios and preserve your online reputation. When it comes to negative Wikipedia content, we have specific, actionable steps to take to mitigate the fall-out.

And, there you have it. From our minds to your screens. If you’ve got any questions at all, like what coffee we’re drinking to keep us so on point, or if you’re interested in specific recommendations for your Wikipedia page, we’re ready to help.

Oh, and if you want to know what else our team learned in 2020 and what they think 2021 has in store for Wikipedia, check out our CEO’s new book here

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