Catch These If You Can! – Digital News Roundup 10/21/16

Within months, Google to divide its index, giving mobile users better & fresher content
Not like you want more Google changes, but you will get it anyway. In a massive move, Google is going to make its primary index the “mobile” version and there will be a separate desktop version that will not be as relevant.

Apple Search Ads: Advertisers Seeing $0.40 CPA and 49.4% Conversion

If you have an app, Apple search ads are a must. Relatively low cost, with a high conversion rate, you aren’t going to get that formula just anywhere.

Does finding that micro-moment feel like chasing fireflies? Here are 9 data points that will help you catch them.
The “micro-moment” is the new buzz word on the streets. Everyone is talking about it, but few people know how to figure out what they are for your business.

Leonard Cohen Makes It Darker
Just because I spent most of high school listening to “Everybody Knows” on repeat.

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