The Tricks For Your Website: Digital News Roundup 11/4/16

3 Steps to Improving Your Lead Generation Landing Pages
It’s not that you don’t know these tips necessarily, it’s that we all need a reminder sometimes. MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER.

Moz Keyword Explorer vs. Google Keyword Planner: The Definitive Comparison
I acknowledge that this is probably not the most un-biased article, but we all have to admit that the changes to the Google Keyword Planner have caused issues. And we really like Moz’s other tools.

Calm, Well-Adjusted Nation’s Reading Comprehension Hits 100 Percent
A piece about Andy Borowitz and The Borowitz Report. You all know that headline is fake, right? right?!

Where is Google heading with mobile local search?
This article talks about what Google’s plans are for those who get the prime real estate atop mobile search results with Google My Business and the mysterious Knowledge Graph.

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