Your Guide to Marketing Success: Digital News Roundup 7/15/16

The Pokémon Go Phenomenon
Unless you have been living under a rock in the last week, you have heard about Pokémon Go. It’s a new game that allows people to “catch” Pokémon in their every day life with an app. It blends reality and virtual reality seamlessly. If tech saavy, 18-40 year olds are your target audience, you can get creative and do some really cool things to attract attention. For retailersthere is a “lure” feature that brings customers directly to you. Non-profits are using it to get their message out.  Here is your complete guide to marketing with Pokémon Go.

Want to make sure your website is fool-proof?
Take the drunk test challenge! You can test any website to make sure that the lowest common denominator (aka drunk people) can operate and get where you want them to go. Plus drunk people buy more things!

5 PPC Secrets I’ve Discovered Through Millions of Ad Spend
These are actual secrets that most people aren’t implementing in their PPC campaigns. Learn about search terms (yes search terms, not keywords), intent and threat scales, and how to track where people are falling off.

Six ways Pinterest is becoming serious about visual search
More than 2 billion searches are conducted every month on Pinterest, with people looking for inspiration, customized to everyone’s unique taste and interests. Now they are ramping up their visual search game to make it easy to find specific products within the images.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Techniques: The Complete List
This is the most comprehensive list of conversion optimization techniques on the planet. Whether you run an ecommerce site, a blog, or a brick and mortar business, you’ll love this guide.

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