The Stats You Need For 2017: Digital News Roundup 1/6/17

We Analyzed 143,827 URLs and Discovered the Overlooked Speed Factors That Impact Google Rankings
Everyone knows that speed is a ranking signal for Google, but do you know how? Or where you can make the biggest impact

Just How Powerful Is Influencer Marketing?
You have heard a lot about influencer marketing over the last year, but they finally were able to quantify what it can actually do for a non-ecommerce brand.

The Year in News 2016
This study took a look at all the tweets in 2016 and made some pretty graphs to show what people were talking about. Not surprising, Donald Trump was across the board the top tweeted topic.

Beyond ASO: The App Store Marketing Guidebook
An incredible study and guide on getting your app to convert more in both Google and Apple app stores. Just a warning, it’s a long, detailed read.

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