Your Cheat Sheet to Avoid Mistakes: Digital News Roundup 7/29/16

I attended GrowCommerce yesterday in NYC, another great event organized by Scott Silverman. There was a lot of discussion about new marketing tactics – ranging from online/offline integration, new proximity marketing tactics (someone won buzzword bingo in the opening session in the first five minutes), and much more. There were some excellent takeaways that are immediately implementable- the success that several companies are having with their Facebook video ads, for the right companies Pinterest advertising can scale very rapidly, and the application of programmatic technology to both direct mail and direct response television advertising.

If you want to talk through these learnings, and how it might apply to you, just drop me a note.

Merkle Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2016
This comprehensive report takes a look at PPC, SEO social and more and compares this year’s performance to last. If you don’t have time for the whole report, here are some key takeaways.

Ranking #0: SEO for Answers
When you type a question into Google it provides three types of answers depending on the question: a simple answer at the top of the results (knowledge graph), only the search results that may answer your question on page, or a more complex answer with a link to the source at the top of the page (Featured Snippets). This is your guide to Featured Snippets- why they are important and how to get featured.

Top 10 things to know from the 2016 Retail Holiday Planning Playbook
It may only be July, but saavy retailers know that it is time to strategize about the upcoming holiday season. The National Retail Federation put together the playbook complete with information about last year and new trends they are seeing for this year. Here is the top 10 takeaways.

Top Basic SEO Mistakes Websites are Still Making
There are easy mistakes that companies are still making that can drastically effect their SEO. Check out the top 11 here and how to fix them.

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