It’s the Word of Mouth that Counts: Digital News Roundup 3/3/17

Charge more for less: How to leverage pricing psychology all the way to the bank
The psychology of pricing is always fascinating. Lessons learned by a serial entrepreneur and explained by a professor.

How Wikipedia Is Cultivating an Army of Fact Checkers to Battle Fake News
As most media sites are experiencing extreme distrust, Wikipedia’s trust factor just continues to grow. They have spent years working toward this and it is something we all can learn from.

We Spent $100k On Facebook Ads. Here’s What We Learned.
This is actually a B2B campaign that was run. We know that a lot of B2B businesses are hesitant to run campaigns on Facebook, but Facebook is so prevalent in all our lives.

How a raw Aussie giant became a football recruiting sensation
The football gossip system is alive and well.

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