The Key Factors of Success: Digital News Roundup 4/28/17

Why Google’s Second Shot at Programmatic TV Buying Will Work
When I was running direct response television campaigns (call our 800 number, now!! ) at Discovery, PACK-RAT, etc., I loved Google TV’s ability to do low dollar tests across multiple cable networks, and self serve model.  Sadly, it went away, but is coming back in a new format.

SEO: Harnessing Domain Authority across Multiple Websites
How to leverage domain authority – useful if you have multiple sites, or are part of a larger entity.

A deep look at Google’s biggest-ever search quality crisis
Once something becomes a punch line, it’s tough to get away from it.

2017 Local Search Ranking Factors
The eagerly anticipated Moz Local Ranking index helps you figure out what you need to do to rank in your location.

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