Prep to be The Winner: Digital News Roundup 8/12/16

Being in a non-flashy industry, doesn’t mean you get off the hook for writing content. It just means you have to think about how to use your content in different ways. This guide can help you get started.

SEO is huge for your e-commerce site as you know, but do you know what could be holding you back?

Facebook Pages and websites that frequently withhold, exaggerate or distort information in their link headlines will disappear from News Feed thanks to a new anti-clickbait algorithm that’s now rolling out. So think, “[Celebrity] went outside wearing this and you will never guess what happened next!” headlines and the sort. Review the algorithm to make sure that your content isn’t getting downgraded for it’s clickbait score.

Here is a guide to how to get your product sold on the Walmart site and the proven methods that have worked for people.

Google Analytics now lets you track Sitelinks from your Adwords campaigns. You can find out which are working the best on each campaign and how those clicks are performing once on your site.

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