The Role of Customers Engagement: Digital News Roundup 8/26/16

Helping users easily access content on mobile
Google has announced that it will be penalizing interstitials/pop-ups on mobile starting January 2017. This is big news as a lot of websites have been using them to grow their email lists, promote products and more.

5 Ways Your Fans Can Help Optimize Your Site for Conversions
Some unique ideas in here supported by data and surveys. It provides helpful examples of user generated content to get your community talking about your brand.

How Does Page Load Time Impact Engagement?
Everyone from your sister to Google talks about page load time, but no one has actually quantified it. These guys took the time to intentionally slow down a site to test what actually happens with engagement.

Productivity advice I learned from people smarter than me
There is a saying if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. This article applies that to productivity. We all want to fit more stuff into our days, this will give you tips and tricks on maximizing your time.

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