Are You on The Right Track? – Digital News Roundup 7/8/16

Angie’s List is now free: What this change means for your business
This little tidbit didn’t attract a lot of attention, but it is a big deal. Check out why you need to be on alert for your company on Angie’s List.

Facebook to Change News Feed to Focus on Friends and Family
Another day, another Facebook algorithm change. This is going to greatly restrict the ability of brands to get impressions just based on followers.

The State of Link Building 2016: What I Learned Manually Analyzing 1,000 Search Results
Excellent article that breaks down some of the myths of link-building and looks at what really works.

How Dynamic Keyword Insertion Helped Increase Impression Share By 36%
Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Google PPC ads emphasizes the user experience and relevancy of the ad. Check out how this case study effected the bottom line.

5 more super-common SEO mistakes content marketers make
Anyone creating content for their website has to start paying attention to SEO or a lot of their work is for naught. Learn what mistakes you might be making.

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