Unfold The Hidden Truths: Digital News Roundup 9/2/16

Ever wonder about every single feature that appears in Google’s results or why some search results look different than others? Or, need something to share with a client/team member/etc? This is it.

Did you know that you can find out exactly what Facebook knows about you and why you are seeing certain ads? You probably assumed you could, but click the link above when you are logged into your account to see what they think your location and interests are – or, better yet, use it to freak out/impress your parents.

Between this and the recent publication of Chaos Monkeys’ book Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley there are ton of useful lessons for anyone involved in startups.

There are benefits to non-local businesses attending local events. Your customers have to live and be part of a community somewhere. Why not meet them where they are at and learn something?

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