What Will Impact Your Website’s Traffic? – Digital News Roundup 9/23/16

Growing a Site from 0 to 10k Visitors in a Month: Noah Kagan Edition
Read about how a site grew to 10,000 visitors with the advice and training from Noah Kagan. They didn’t use his connections or money, just his advice.

The Drug of Choice in the Age of Kale
It’s the drug and religion, that you have never heard of, that’s sweeping the nation.

The biggest Google ad updates are also the quietest
Sometimes the things that make the biggest impact have the smallest footprint. Google is notorious for not announcing all their changes, but which ones might be affecting your traffic?

Half of U.S. smartphone users download zero apps per month
According to Comscore, almost 50% of users download exactly 0 apps per month. This makes it harder to launch your app and get the downloads you need.

Spiciest tortilla chip in the world is sold one chip per package
The story behind the spiciest tortilla chip in the world and why they made the awesome branding decision to sell it one per pack.

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