A Bronx Tale and Online Marketing News

Funny like a clown?
After his turns in ‘A Bronx Tale’ and ‘The Sopranos,’ Lillo Brancato had stardom at his fingertips and lost it all in a haze of drugs and a violent crime.

How Google Seemingly Cut My Audience in Half Overnight (And Possibly Yours Too)
It seems like Gmail made an update that is penalizing a lot of newsletter senders. So, hopefully, you get this email.

The Strange Magic of Division II track
You don’t choose Division II.

Google: Exact Match Domains Don’t Get Magic Ranking Bonus
We’ve know this for a while, but just because your website is SEO.com it won’t magically rank.

Amazon: The Company with a 100 CEOs Cannot Be Stopped
How to stay agile as you grow

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