AI Wrote this Newsletter, More Helpful Content… and Online Marketing…12.9.22

The Dec. 2022 helpful content update was released Dec. 5
It’s a brand new day
And the world is at our feet
The future’s looking bright
And nothing can defeat us
AI is going to permanently change how marketing works
They say the future’s in our hands
But we’ll leave that up to the machines
They’ll take control and we’ll understand
That AI is here to stay
How to Use HARO (And Alternatives) to Get Killer Backlinks 
We’ll link and share and rise above
The search engine rankings we all love
With HARO by our side
We’ll dominate the web tonight
The libero over the Spanish-language announce table is only the beginning
From the pitch to the booth
The libero moves with grace
A master of the game
A shining star in any place
How Wednesday Addams Birthed a Generation of Cynics 
She’s a weird and wonderful girl
With a dark and twisted mind
Wednesday Addams rules the world
And we’re all just along for the ride