Google Algorithm Update and The Best of… and online marketing 8.09.18

Best of Brian Urlacher’s Hall of Fame Speech
Zorg: I don’t like warriors. Too narrow-minded, no subtlety. And worse, they fight for hopeless causes. Honor? Huh! Honor’s killed millions of people, it hasn’t saved a single one.

The Best Bourbon I’ve Ever Tasted
President Lindberg: Mrs. Dallas, this is the President. On behalf of the federation, I would like to thank you…
Korben’s Mother: Oh, please. That doesn’t even sound like him! The President’s an idiot, you don’t sound like an idiot. If you don’t wanna talk to your mother, just avoid me like usual, huh? I’ll just throw myself in traffic. I’ll just Saran Wrap myself to the bed and pretend my child is suffocating me…

U.S. adults now spend nearly 6 hours per day watching video
Ruby RhodBzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt! Korben, sweetheart, what was that? IT WAS BAD! It had nothing! No fire, no energy, no nothin’! You know I have a show to run here, you know? Hmm? Hmm? And it must pop, Pop, POP! So tomorrow from five to seven, will you please act like you have more than a two word vo-cab-uh-lary? It must be green, OK? OK?

Google: August core algorithm update still rolling out
Leeloo: Hi.
Korben Dallas: Oh, so you speak English now.
Leeloo: Yes. I learned.