Google’s misdeeds, conference mania… and online marketing 9.6.19

How Dan and Keith’s Sports Center changed everything 
Convention starts on Thursday. Planning this for weeks.
Gonna rock that trade show floor. Our booth is real unique.
But there’s no time for coffee. I set the ‘larm clock wrong.
I’ll just have to break routine and move things right along.
I’m not worried. My plane I’ll soon be flying.
I can pack a bag just like a Delta Airlines pilot. 

WordPress Security Update  
Bring me one reason to stay here,
In this booth you brought to town.
Just rather breeze in, then move on.
This trade show’s a hunting ground.
If you want to get my attention,You better have my needs in mind.

Google’s paid ads are a shakedown  
Reluctantly propped outside the banquet hall,
Attendees, bumping, and clumping to talk.
Cocktails pour, volume goes up.
Inside is dinner and a loving cup.

Global Google Privacy Issues
The gala banquet and awards celebration,
Caps the convention with self-acclamation.
For three days and nights, it’s all the same faces.
Now it’s four hours with no hiding places…

It’s eye strain, ‘cuz you scan badges more.
It’s a backlit stand, with no power source.
It’s a paradise, but I’m trapped here indoors!
And who would have thought, “Bring Snickers!  

Skateboarding’s new prodigy
 When you were at the show, you looked kind of green.
You approached my booth, things were not as they seemed.
As we spoke for a while, your savviness showed through.
You were a tough sell, as I found when I asked you…

Driving with Narcan

If I could scan your badge,
Just a couple e-mails, not a great big batch.
You can unsubscribe, so there’s no strings attached,
If I only could … scan your badge.