How to free up time (to read these awesome stories)… and online marketing 10/6/2017

Faster Than Normal — the book
More productivity with the secrets of the ADHD Brain from Peter Shankman.

My drowning (and other inconveniences)
I grew up reading Tim Cahill – fantastic story about white water rafting, dying, and meaning (or lack thereof).

Jerry Rice is crashing weddings
Sometimes you just want to smile.

YouTube’s new ad tech automatically personalizes ads, can now target using Google Maps, app install data
The title does not truly get across the enormity of this release.

We are what we measure
With so much data available to us, it is important to remember what that data is actually telling us.

Why Brands Continue to Invest in Digital Advertising, Despite the Industry’s Many Problems
It’s simple- they don’t have a better option.