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Harry Houdini and the Art of Escape
So if you’re ever down in Tampa on a Big Cat Refuge
Don’t pick a fight with your wife
Cause it’s a big 40 acres, and if you’re not careful
You’ll be gone in the blink of an eyeNo bones,
No remains
But that won’t change
The fact that Don sure ain’t coming back

How Eliud Kipchoge Broke Running’s Mythic Barrier
Tell all the hunters to lay down their guns
Tell ’em that the tiger needs a little bit of love
Let ’em run the jungle, let ’em roam their land
Then stand back and marvel, what a beautiful cat’Cause I saw tiger
Now I understand
I saw tiger, and the tiger saw man

Soul of a fight town: How MMA dominated Albuquerque
And the nurse says I’m better
Guess my heart heard your letter
Soon I’ll be comin’ home to you
Yes, I’ll get out tomorrow, there’ll be joy, no sorrow
And the sun says, “I’m in love with you”

COVID-19: Google pledges $340 mn in Google Ad credits to boost SMB’s worldwide
There was a promise given you
And I swear I’ll see it through
I take the lion from the cage, let it all be in your name (Name, name, name)
This work I love I have to share
Seems like somehow that you’re still here
‘Cause I know you’re lookin’ down
And I hope I made you proud

Favorite Players: Steve Dalkowski
Here Kitty Kitty
Momma’s got some treats for you
Here Kitty Kitty
Well you can’t find this taste in the zoo
Here Kitty Kitty
Well Momma Carole she sure loves you
Here Kitty Kitty
Momma made this for you…