Lilith Fair, is your website accessible… and online marketing 10.11.19

Building a Mystery: An Oral History of Lilith Fair
It’s a mystery to me
The game commences
For the usual fee
Plus expenses
Confidential information
It’s in a diary
This is my investigation
It’s not a public inquiry

Domino’s Delivers a Dilemma to the Supreme Court: A Website Accessibility Case That Could Impact Thousands of Companies
She is watching the detectives
Ooh, he’s so cute
She is watching the detectives
When they shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot
They beat him up until the teardrops start
But he can’t be wounded ’cause he’s got no heart

Our Skulls Are Out-Evolving Us
I can’t stand it, I know you planned it
I’mma set it straight, this Watergate
I can’t stand rockin’ when I’m in here
‘Cause your crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear
So while you sit back and wonder why
I got this fuckin’ thorn in my side
Oh my god, it’s a mirage
I’m tellin’ y’all, it’s sabotage

Testing redirects before and after a website migration
You won, you won
It’s like being in a book
Have a look at it, immaculate
When you find a clue
Drop me to earth and leave me articulate on
Detective Song, detective song

Irish Butter Kerrygold Has Conquered America’s Kitchens
Kojak, Kojak, Kojak, Columbo
Sell me an old one
Sell ’em some gumbo
Tell me a new one
At least once a night
Show me an old one
But don’t turn out your love light