LinkedIn SEO and newsletters, Netflix… and Online Marketing…4.29.22

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Google Business Profile Manager Is Going Away Early 2022
Broken bicycles,
Old busted chains,
Rusted handle bars
Out in the rain.
Somebody must
Have an orphanage for
These things that nobody
Wants any more
September’s reminding July
It’s time to be saying … good-bye.
The Netflix Bubble Is Finally BurstingHow could I forget to mention
The bicycle is a good invention
Sitting there in a silent movie
Beside the only girl who really ever knew me
Happy days, but sad I’m facing
Heaven knows that I’m on the case, oh
How could I forget to mention the bicycle?
What 1,000 Food Blog Audits Has Taught Me About SEO
Life goes in cycles, what comes around goes around
So ‘fore it goes down, nigga, get you some icicles
Audemars before all of y’alls
Wristwatch got a Russian face like an oligarch, uh
12 o’clock, boy, silly nice, huh
Willie in traffic, I’m Philly nice, uh
E.T. on the handles, uh
Handlebars like a Xanax
Shammgod with the AND1 moves
Throw that shit ’round your neck
Right quick, broke boys get fixed
Right quick, Nigel Sylvester with these bike flips
Uh, that’s a full cab and a back flip
Uh, sidebar
Why Cyclists Can Handle Heat Better than Runners
My bicycle rode so smooth
Under the cars, over the stars
All of you can eat my dust
My bicycle rode so smooth
Under the cars, over the stars
All of you can eat my dust
Can I start with a goodbye?
Do I dare revisit visions
That unfolded that wretched night?
Disassociated by
Combinations that were ill-advised
And a dosage quite unwise
Stop Talking at Consumers and Start Listening to Them
To the guy who stole my bike
I hope it serves you well
I hope the brakes don’t seize
When you’re riding down the hill to hell
To the ones who left my trust
Out in the rain to accumulate rust
I wish you no ill-will
But mark my words you’re gonna get some still
‘Cause I was angry and I’m still now
But we’ll break even when we’re in the ground
Sleeping sound