Memorial Day memory

I once asked my grandfather about his military experience.  I got this, he was probably about 84 at the time he sent it, and email wasn’t necessarily his first choice of communication 🙂

From Bflo, went to Ft Niagara and lived in tents for a while. Then to Rome NY and graduate to WW 1 barracks, pot sroves, et. This noe Dec and we guarded Flying Fortreses out doors because they had the new Norden Bombsight and was easier fo us to walk around them all nite and day in below zero weather than it was to take them our and replace them. That last about 4 months. Them a bunch of us were assigned to a cadre, that’s a bunch a guys they don’ know what to do with. We went from base to base getting them ready for other people to live, scrubbed  floors, cleaned.   latrines, etc. Then we left and started over again. After a few months of that wonderful duty, I got to see Grand Isle
NE!  Went to Chanute Field, Rantoul, IL and ” became” a aircraft sheet metal man. Then to Angel Island in San Franciasco Bay , near Alcatraz, and waited for a ship to Australia. Had a wondereful cruise with about 5000 other happy soldiers to Brisbane , Australia, Now it is Dec  43. Stayed in Townsville  for a year, went to New Ginie sp, , then to Manila,  and then home.