New Google hacks, Crime… and Online Marketing 5.29.20

Does Creating Backlinks to Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing Help Ranking?
The moon went hiding
Stars quit shining
Rain was dropping
Thunder ‘n lightning
You wrecked my whole world when you came
And hit me like a hurricane
You hit me like a hurricane

Does The Grim Reaper Wear Sunscreen
I went home with a waitress the way I always do
How was I to know she was with the russians, too?
I was gambling in havana, I took a little risk
Send lawyers, guns, and money
Dad, get me out of this, hiyah!

A reintroduction to our Knowledge Graph and knowledge panels
Me and Billy the Kid never got along
I didn’t like the way he cocked his hat
And he wore his gun all wrong
We had the same girlfriend
And he never forgot it
She had a cute little Chihuahua
Until one day he up and shot it
He rode the hard country down the New Mexico line
He had a silver pocketwatch that he never did wind
He crippled the piano player
For playin’ his favorite song
No, Me and Billy the Kid never got along

How User Behavior In Search Works: Everything You Need to Know
I saw her standing on her front lawn just twirling her baton
Me and her went for a ride, sir, and ten innocent people died
From the town of Lincoln, Nebraska, with a sawed-off .410 on my lap
Through to the badlands of Wyoming I killed everything in my path
I can’t say that I’m sorry for the things that we done
At least for a little while, sir, me and her we had us some fun

What The Beaches Teach Us
Ev’rything exploded and the
Blood began to spill
So baby here’s your ticket
Put the suitcase in your hand
Here’s a little money now
Do it just the way we planned
You be cool for twenty hours
And i’ll pay you twenty grand
I’m sorry it went down like this
Someone had to lose
It’s the nature of the bus’ness
It’s the smuggler’s blues
Smuggler’s blues

A Pandemic Bright Spot: In Many Places, Less Crime
Step One
We find the worst play ever written
Step Two
We hire the worst director in town
Step Three
I raise two million dollars
Yes, two
One for me, one for you
Tthere’s a lot
Of little old ladies out there
Step Four
We hire the worst actors
In New York and open on Broadway
And before you can say step five
We close on Broadway
Take our two million and go to Rio
Rio?! Ah, it’ll never work
Oh, ye of little faith