No Special Treatment at Wikipedia, We’re #44… and Online Marketing…1/28/22

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Timeline For Bringing Page Experience Ranking to Desktop
You ready?! Let’s go!
Yeah, for those of you that wanna know what we’re all about
It’s like this y’all (c’mon)
This is ten percent luck
Twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure
Fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name
Anatomy Of A Murder Confession
Look at all those movie stars
They’re all so beautiful and clean
When the housemaids scrub the floors
They get the spaces in between
I wanna live a life like that
I wanna be just like a king
Take my picture by the pool
‘Cause I’m the next big thing
Beverly Hills
That’s where I want to be
(Gimme gimme, gimme gimme)
Livin’ in Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills
Rollin’ like a celebrity
(Gimme gimme, gimme gimme)
Livin’ in Beverly Hills
VIPs Expect Special Treatment. At Wikipedia, Don’t Even Ask.
I’m through with standing in line to clubs I’ll never get in
It’s like the bottom of the ninth, and I’m never gonna win
This life hasn’t turned out quite the way I want it to be
(Tell me what you want)
I want a brand new house on an episode of Cribs
And a bathroom I can play baseball in
And a king-size tub, big enough for ten plus me
(Uh, so what you need?)
DTC in Distress- A Guide to DTC & eCommerce Turnarounds
I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong
To crash the critic saying, “Is it right or is it wrong?”
If only fame had an I.V, baby could I bear?
Being away from you, I found the vein, put it in here
I live for the applause, applause, applause
I live for the applause-plause, live for the applause-plause, live for the-
Way that you cheer and scream for me
The applause, applause, applause
Protecting Rankings & Traffic During A Rebrand: SEO Expert Tips
Someday I’m gonna be famous, do I have talent well no
These days you don’t really need it thanks to reality shows
Can’t wait to date a supermodel, can’t wait to sue my dad
Can’t wait to wreck a Ferrari on my way to rehab
‘Cause when you’re a celebrity
It’s adios reality
You can act just like a fool
People think you’re cool
Just ’cause you’re on TV
I can throw a major fit
When my latte isn’t just how I like it
When they say I’ve gone insane
I’ll blame it on the fame
And the pressures that go with
Being a celebrity