Roulette, Google cacheing and you… and online marketing 5.16.19

Old Google Cache Date Is Nothing To Worry About
Roulette, you’re playin’ with my life
Roulette, with my kids and my wife
Roulette, every day the stakes get bigger
Roulette, a different finger on the trigger

The professor who beat roulette
When the other man has none
You don’t need a gun
Yes a Russian roulette no fun
I don’t need a gun
I just need someone
I won’t need a gun oh yeah

Nike Told Me to Dream Crazy, Until I Wanted a Baby
And I will not accept this as a part of my life
I will not live in fear
Of what may be
And the lessons I have learned…
I would rather be alone than watch you
Spinning that wheel for me

Tracking Leadpages Conversions in Google Analytics & Adwords
Tonight, let’s place your bet
Don’t look back just forget
All we know
Take your shot like, like roulette
Let’s get wild, no regrets
Make my heart pirouette
Take your chance
Lets get wild on your roulette

Director, Digital Marketing at Intersections, Inc
I think that you’ve caught on,
that you’ve been used and all I’m going down New Orleans,
I’ve got to see Dr. John Got my mojo working everything will be fine
Stop playing Russian Roulette with my mind

Google Chrome Dials Up Browser Privacy Protections In Answer To Safari ITP
A real loving Mother and a hard working Dad we didn’t eat steak
but it wasn’t so bad
With lots of love we felt like millionaires.
Life is like a roulette wheel
Goes round and round never cuts you a deal
The little white ball stops where it wants
You play your hand and take life’s knocks

Google Search adds support for FAQ and How-to structured data
Big sister will be watching over you
Sister see, sister do
She’s got to save me
She’s got you playing Russian Roulette
Sport of kings, the old queen’s heart
The prince of darkness stole some tart
It’s in the papers, it’s in the charts
It’s in the stop press before it all starts