The Week of AI, Wordle Editor… and Online Marketing…2.10.23

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How To Optimize Website Architecture For SEO
I can see your years in my reflection
Dancing cracks embedded in my skin
Maywood in bloom in fireworks and fury
For all the times I didn’t let you in
As i make my way through your convictions
Let me pick the best fruit from your treee
And all the miles that we have put between us
Have been filled with loving blisters and sour truths
One by one the seasons change you
Maybe once but not for all
Time cant paint the picture for you
Dying leaves need time to fall
The Wordle Editor
Sunlight dances off the leaves
Birds of red color the trees
Flowers filled with buzzin’ bees
In places we won’t walk

Neon lights shine bold and bright
Buildings grow to dizzy heights
People come alive at night
In places we won’t walk
Here Comes Bard, Google’s Version Of ChatGPT
You’re starting up a wildfire in my heart
Hope it’s what you want
Not just what you do
You’re starting up a wildfire in my head
Hope it’s what you meant
Not just what you do
Pakistan Blocks Wikipedia For ‘Blasphemous Content’
I’m moving mountains in my way
Don’t have the powers that make me stay
Feeling stronger than yesterday
Reminding myself that it’s not a race
Days starting getting shorter 
Feel a storm above my shoulder 

Finally letting my guard down
Finding my way back home
So Are Nonstick Pans Safe or What?
I don’t know what steps to take
I do the easy ones until it helps
Little acts of conversation
I don’t think I really like myself
Am I comfortable in silence?
Or is it eating me alive?
Nothing’s ever really quiet
When you need distraction to survive

It’s part of me
Wouldn’t you believe it’s nothing?
It’s all you need
When you keep the rain from coming