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Everything reminds me of my dog
The guy in the store reminds me of my dog
Telephones remind me of my dog yoohoo
Taxicabs remind me too
If you remind me of my dog
We’ll probably git along little doggie
Git along git along little doggie git a
The Deacon and the Dog
I was in the kitchen
Seamus, that’s the dog, was outside, well, I was in the kitchen
Seamus, my old hound, was outside, well, the sun sinks slowly, but my old hound just sat right down and cried
How To Use Wikipedia In Microsoft Word
And I thought we would be together
Go on and on just like that, forever
But I was young back then
I guess I just didn’t know
Little boys grow up and dogs get old
New Study Could Unearth The Secret To How ‘Immortal Jellyfish’ Reverses Aging
Lilly comes when you stop to call her
Lilly runs when you look away
Lilly leaves kisses on your collar
Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, stay!
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Now Gypsy was my little dog, I found by the road in a ditch
And so I named him Gypsy, cause that name just seemed to fit
Oh and Joe he was my man, the flower of my soul
Thou he never said he loved me, I just always seemed to know