Wikipedia Controversies, New Google Core Update… and Online Marketing 12.18.20

Here Are a Few of Wikipedia’s Most Surprisingly Controversial Topics
I know a girl who reminds me of Cher,
She’s always changin’ the color of her hair,
But she don’t use nothin’, That you buy at the store,
She likes her hair to, be real orange
She uses Tangerines

What If You Could Do It All Over?
He passed a sign that he should have seen,
Saying “shift to low gear, a fifty dollar fine my friend.”
He was thinking perhaps about the warm-breathed woman
Who was waiting at the journey’s end.
He started down the two mile drop,
The curving road that wound from the top of the hill.
He was pushing on through the shortening miles that ran down to the depot.
Just a few more miles to go,
Then he’d go home and have her ease his long, cramped day away.
And the smell of thirty thousand pounds of bananas.
Yes the smell of thirty thousand pounds of bananas.

The Expansion of People Also Ask in the Search Results
It’s Christmas time in Hollis Queens
Mom’s cooking chicken and collard greens
Rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese
And Santa put gifts under Christmas trees
Decorate the house with lights at night
Snow’s on the ground, snow white so bright
In the fireplace is the yule log
Beneath the mistletoe as we drink egg nog
The rhymes you hear are the rhymes of Darryl’s
But each and every year we bust Christmas carols

Astronomers Are Now Obsessed With a Single Venusian Gas
Your ketchup’s in the bag
And her check is in the mail
I hope your chicken’s raw inside
And I hope your bun is stale
I’m supposed to tell you
“Please come back” but how ’bout this instead?
I hope you both choke on a pickle
Man, that would tickle me to death

Longreads Best of 2020: Food
You know I like my chicken fried
Cold beer on a Friday night
A pair of jeans that fit just right
And the radio up
Well I was raised up beneath the shade of a Georgia pine
And that’s home you know
Sweet tea pecan pie and homemade wine
Where the peaches grow
And my house it’s not much to talk about
But it’s filled with love that’s grown in southern ground
And a little bit of chicken fried