Wikipedia tips,  Rom-Coms… and Online Marketing…4.22.22

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Wikipedia, In The Flesh
And the warden sang
Come on somebody
Why don’t you run?
Ol’ Red’s itchin’ to have a little fun
Get my lantern
Get my gun
Red’ll have you treed ‘fore the mornin’ comes
Notes From The Underground
Bandit was a black lab, Daddy brought home
He said, son he’s yours from now on
Bandit looked at me and he cocked his head
Slept at night on the foot of my bed
All that year, I can see him still
Chasing after me, nipping at my heels
Down to the bus stop, my new best friend
The Attribution Stack: How to Make Budget Decisions in a Post-iOS14 World
Now i lay me down to sleep
And pray the Lord my soul to keep
If i die before i wake,feed Jake
He’s been a good dog
My best friend right through it all
If i die before i wake,feed Jake
The 50 Best Rom-Coms
Once I had a little dog
I called him Cracker Jack
He had a spot around one eye
That looked just like a patch
His legs were way too long
And he was awkward as could be
He wouldn’t much to look at
But he looked alright to me
How to Handle Unprofessional SEO Treatment: Tips and Guidelines
There’s something strange, I can’t get mad
Even when you’re being bad – just look at me, and I forget everything
I try but I can’t be mean
You sit by me and I scratch your back
You lick my hands then I get a rash, but that’s okay
Because we, we are a team
You make a mess and then I clean